AV Equipment

North Central Missions Center has the following pieces of audio-visual equipment available for loan to financially supporting churches in the Etowah, Lanier and Roswell Baptist Associations.

  • Optoma EH412 projector
  • Magnavox DVD Player
  • 4' x 6' tripod screen
  • 70 x 70 tripod screen
  • 6' x 9' fast-fold screen
  • 3M Portable Overhead Projector

The above listed items are available on a loan basis to churches according to the following policies and procedures:

1.  All equipment is automatically reserved for association wide events (i.e., Annual Meetings, Mission Banquets, Associational Training Schools and Seminars, etc.) for the use of our staff and/or Associational officers.  In cases of a schedule conflict, an area-wide event will receive priority over a single Associational Event, and an Associational Event will receive priority over a single Church Event.

2.  Equipment may be reserved for local Church Events by calling North Central Missions Center at 770-384-8548 or emailing janice@northcentralga.org.  Equipment is reserved strictly on a first-call, first-serve basis.

3.  The person responsible for using the equipment must sign a User's Agreement Card before taking any equipment from North Central Missions Center. Training in the use of a particular piece of equipment will be provided by our staff upon request.

4.  It is the responsibility of the church that checked out the equipment to pay for any damage repair, cleaning or replacement of lost parts that occurred while the equipment was in their possession.