The North Central Missions Center staff realize our purpose to assist each of our churches in reaching their “Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and uttermost parts of the world” through the most effective and common-sense methods.  That is why we provide resources in attracting the local community to their events through banners and our Evangelism Ministry Truck, provide language ministry opportunities to ethnic groups living within our reach, and set up life-changing mission trips that make a difference.

Contact Alan for more information and explanation to assist your church in making the Light of the Gospel from your church shine the farthest and reach the darkest of corners.

Global Network of Theological Training (GNTT)

Overseas mission trips are always a risk.  How can we make any impact when we do not speak the language, know the culture, nor have developed deep, relational contacts?  The cost of travel, the concern for the genuine level of impact, and a way to measure its success make this traditional ministry effort chancy.  For the last 4 years, NCMC has developed partners on multiple global fronts to assist us in creating a “win-win” scenario for the last leg of the Acts 1:8 mandate – the uttermost parts.  Now this mission strategy has been tested and proven to be most effective.

NCMC, through the mission’s strategy of GNTT, provides pastors and leaders from our churches the opportunity to teach and train pastors and leaders overseas through 12 carefully selected courses of study.  Each course take 2 days (about 12 instructional hours) to cover and provides Biblically based instruction and exercises for local pastors to improve their ministries and better lead their people.  After these pastors and leaders have finished the 12 courses, they are encouraged to start additional schools making this strategy reproducible and contextual.

The ”win-win” results are from both the volunteer pastors from the NCMC family and the students and pastors on the field.  These schools are most definitely making an impact and the evidence is heard in these testimonies.  Here are a few:


“I have never been a part of a ministry with such a “boots on the ground” impact, until the P2P Training Network.  The hunger these pastors have for God’s Word, the excitement to take it to their people, their community and other pastors...It really feels like we are mobilizing God’s people to take back spiritual strongholds for God’s Kingdom!  Every trip, I am blown away by God’s move in the hearts of pastors, leaders and teachers.  This is such an exciting ministry to be a part of!” - Scott Bosier, Pastor, Shoal Creek Baptist Church, Canton, GA

“It is difficult to describe the impact that this ministry has had on my life and ministry.  Making and nurturing disciples of Christ is the ministry of the local church.  Local churches are led by faithful pastors and leaders who daily pour their heats and strength into equipping believers for this Kingdom work. P2P has given us the opportunity to come alongside these incredible, hard-working pastors and to encourage, sharpen, and strengthen them with sound biblical training.  We are following Paul’s instructing to Timothy as we entrust God’s Word to faithful men who will be able to teach others also (2 Timothy 2:2).  This opportunity has been a unique and immeasurable blessing.” - Aaron Land, Lead Pastor, Waleska First Baptist Church, Waleska, GA

“I love that this ministry is Kingdom minded and primarily concerned with helping to equip pastors for the work of ministry.  My buy into the mission was immediate, but I never could have imagined how rewarding it would be to them, myself and our church.  My first teaching assignment on Hermeneutics in El Salvador was periodically interrupted with clapping and shouts of hallelujahs from the pastors.  I was humbled and taken back by their zeal to have the tools and training to accurately handle the word of truth.  After reporting my experience to my church and the need to continue to go and train, one of our leaders summed it up well with this question: ‘How can you not go?’” - Bryan Edenfield, Pastor, Hickory Road Baptist Church, Canton, GA

“I would like to give a short testimony regarding my experiences with P2P Training.  I have been on 3 trips so far and have been greatly blessed to be a part of this ministry.  It is such a joy to have the opportunity to help train pastors who have little to no formal training.  We (I know I do) take our training and education for granted many times, and being a part of training others helps me appreciate my own.  One very meaningful moment for me was while in El Salvador teaching Preaching, I took a moment to really challenge the pastors (especially the young ones) to seek out an older pastor to help mentor and encourage them.  I spoke very boldly from my own experiences with older pastors.  When we took a break, a young pastor came up to me with tears in his eyes and said, ”I was about to quit the ministry, but what you said changed my heart.  I felt like God was speaking directly to me.  Thank You!”  WOW!!!  What a moment for him and for me!  I look forward to more experiences in the future. - Dr. Barry Crocker, Pastor, Hope Fellowship, Cumming, GA

“It is unbearably hot and uncomfortable, the travel is brutal, I can’t sleep, and I don’t speak the language. I have never done anything more satisfying in my life.” - Gary Bulley text to friend during very first teaching trip in El Salvador.